For Sustainability & Low Carbon Footprints

Focus on quality of life of human and both living and working conditions have augmented over the last few years and Garment Washing industry could not remain untouched by this especially because this business involves not just chemicals but also strenuous human effort. Our responsibility towards growing concerns on human health and environmental safeguards stand best reflected in the fact that Atlantic deals only in organic products. While the competitors engage in concepts imposed by their customers, Atlantic is step ahead with looking beyond green.

Having dealt with region specific realities such as scarcity of soft water in South Asia and Middle-East to availability of unskilled Laundry work-force in Eastern Africa to paucity of uninterrupted electricity supply in Southeast Asia, Atlantic has forayed into “Application R&D” which deals with region specific products. While the large business house conduct business with sophisticated machines like “Ozone Machine”, we carry our environmental responsibility by engaging the smaller laundries by providing them organic and bio-degradable products at affordable cost. Educating shop floor personnel on environmental benefits not only helps them acquire and enhance their job knowledge but also helps their employers to have better quality of human capital and a set up complying all regulations.


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